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  • KcEMA in the Vienna Zimmer: a KcEMA Happy Hour Event

    Live at Grünauer
    101 West 22nd St
    Kansas City
    September 28, 2014 • Starts at 8PM

    The Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance is pleased to continue its Happy Hour Concert Series at Grünauer’s Vienna Zimmer. This interactive show will feature Beep Goes the Weasel. David Cedillo of Beep Goes the Weasel comments:

    Beep Goes The Weasel is an interactive project that will engage individuals (who may never think of themselves as remotely musical) in playing electronic instruments. The project is designed to draw in curious spectators and turn them into band members, one at a time, playing unconventional instruments such as circuit-bent fruits and vegetables.

    For more information on Beep Goes the Weasel:



    Grünauer, Kansas City's premiere authentic Austrian restaurant, will be offering a special menu of Käsespätzle, Pommes Frittes, Brezen, Porkholt Sliders, and Viennese Fried Mushrooms. Drinks will include beers (Hofbräu Original, Dunkel and Weiss, Miller Lite, KC Pils, Blvd Wheat) and wine (Grünauer Chardonnay and Syrah, Reserve de la Saurine Grenache Noir and Grenache Blanc). Doors open at 7:45pm.

    KcEMA Happy Hour was supported by New Music USA. To follow the project as it unfolds, visit my project page: https://www.newmusicusa.org/projects/kcema-happy-hour.

    Tickets will be available for purchase online shortly.


    General Public:

  • “The whole performance [KcEMA - (Re)Structured] was accomplished artistry undiminished by the unusual dimensions of sound and sight. As unfamiliar to usual music appreciation, the compositions were tightly controlled and specific, intelligibly flowing throughout. They broadened perception, confounded linear apprehension and left the mind wide open, consciousness invigorated, and the body alive.”

    - Paul Elias Taylor, El Dormido
  • “One could say it [a KcEMA concert featuring Joao Pedro Oliveira] was a healing of the wound between ‘fixed media’ and ‘live’ electroacoustic performance. The unity of the aesthetic effect of the musicians who performed live and the composers who engineered their fixed-media playback was among the best I’ve ever heard.”

    - Chamber Music Today
  • "organic, arresting and spoke to the soul and human condition.”

    - Lee Hartman, kcmetropolis.org
  • “It [a KcEMA concert featuring Joao Pedro Oliveira] was a unique and memorable moment and opened up some very interesting dialogues. It gave me an appreciation and a certain understanding of the genre. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for these guy’s next performance.”

    - Daniel Giordano, Redux Webzine
  • “KcEMA is a vital organization in the already rich artistic landscape of Kansas City. You owe it to yourself to seek out one of their shows.”

    - Lee Hartman, kcmetropolis.org
  • “...a mind bending program of audio/visual imagination. ”

    - Megan Browne Helm, kcmetropolis.org
  • “The music, by KcEMA was superb, and the visuals.... were fantastic: they both got inside each other in ways that are only possible by one medium confronting another... and it carried me along the way! Kudos to KcEMA and Company.”

    - Paul Rudy