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Time and Memory: A Collaboration

March 15 - 22, 2014
Paragraph Gallery
23 E. 12th
Kansas City, MO

This collaboration comprises multiple events and partnerships between KcEMA and Paragraph Gallery Resident Artists, Chadi El-Khoury, David Wayne Reed, and Annie Woodfill.

Event 1:
Time and Memory: Bringing Light to Life
March 15, 2014
8:00PM (doors open at 7:30)
Admission: FREE

Artists: Chadi El-Khoury and Eric Honour
Performers: Kacico Dance, Lindsay Allan, David Cross, Brittany Duskin, Rachael Hulse, Daley Kappenman, John Robertz, Jordan Ryan

In an effort to enhance the human presence in space and influence video projections, a relationship between digital memory and human movement is created to sculpt the audience's perception of time. By creating a relationship between person and projection, video is extended into three dimensions.

Time and Memory: Bringing Light to Life experiments with using video display in a non-traditional format to create a reactive performance space. Video projections are treated as a light source to reveal the dancer, rather than as images separate from the performance. While some video content is pre-rendered, other projections rely on sensors analyzing components of the human body and detecting movement. Information from the moving body is sourced via infrared sensors and applied to video generating software which then translates the data into movement specific projection onto the performance space and dancer. The relationship between the dancer and projections is active, live. The performance space is transformed into a reactive performance environment.

Event 2: (Installation)
March 17 - 22, 2014
Open during normal gallery hours

Artists: Annie Woodfill and Luke Russell

A week-long kinetic installation in the Paragraph Gallery using found material and electronics to create a stage for chance-based interactions between sounds and movement.

Event 3:
Time and Memory
March 22, 2014
8:00PM (doors open at 7:30)
Admission: FREE

Artists: Simon Fink, David Wayne Reed, Luke Russell, Annie Woodfill

A concert of works on the theme of time and memory. Woodfill and Russell will include a listening of a constructed sound element. Fink and Reed will present the world premiere of Parade Route, the story of two friends born on the same day in the same Kansas hospital and their route to coming out, of pride, of shame, of acceptance and forgiveness.


The Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance (KcEMA), founded in 2007, is now in its seventh season. KcEMA endeavors to encourage and develop understanding and appreciation of electronic music and to create an expansive sense of community for electronic musicians and other artists in the Kansas City Area. KcEMA organizes concerts of electronic music and collaborative projects with generative and performing artists. KcEMA provides a forum for electronic musicians and artists in other media to collaborate, exchange ideas, and grow as an interactive, supportive community.

For more information about KcEMA, or to find out how you can become involved, please click the "Contact" link above and send us a message!

The Aaron Copland
Fund for Music

KcEMA is funded in part through the generosity of the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, whose purpose is to encourage and improve public knowledge and appreciation of contemporary American music.

KcEMA is supported in part by a Catalyst Grant from the Arts Council of Kansas City, whose funding programs provide stable sources of new financial support for the arts, broaden access to high-quality arts experiences, and foster excellence in the arts and arts administration.
KcEMA would like to thank Electrotap for their generous corporate support of electronic music and art in Kansas City. 
“When you think of electronic music, boops and beeps might come to mind. Synthesizer-heavy new wave. Tinny video game themes.  But listen to the work of the Kansas City Electronic Music Alliance, a co-op of composers, musicians — sometimes even performance artists — that promotes experimental electronic music in the area. You might be surprised by the music’s emotionality, its sonic richness, its absolute abstract nature.”
- Sarah Benson, ink Magazine

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